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  • Rattlesnake Brand™ Sulfur Soil Amendment

    This Sulfur by Rattlesnake Brand™ contains 90% elemental sulfur. Sulfur is added to lower soil pH. This works best when the sulfur is tilled into the soil and the soil is moist, aerated, and warm. Air and water along with naturally occurring soil bacteria break the sulfur down into sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid component will increase your soil acidity. 10 Lb.

  • All Seasons Fertilizers 16-4-8 

    The "All Seasons" fertilizers are produced by a local company, Tri-County fertilizer! 16-4-8 This is a custom blend fertilizer made for Griffs. 

  • Bengal® Fire Ant Killer

    Bengal® UltraDust Fire Ant Killer is a dust that kills on contact. As fire ant mounds pop up in the yard, a light covering of Bengal® is sprinkled on the mound. The killing action starts immediately as the ants come into contact with the dust. Over a period of hours, the dust is spread by the ants through the colony to the queen. Bengal® UltraDust Fire Ant Killer requires no watering in and has no odor.